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Penticton Real Estate – A Year in Review!

penticton real estate year in review

2021 was a year of great productivity in the real estate market and in our blog. We brought you an assortment of informational articles to ensure you stayed in the loop when it came to real estate in Penticton. However, the year is coming to a close, and with it our 2021 real estate content. Therefore, this month we will be doing a recap on all of our blog content that was posted from January 2021 all the way to November 2021.

Keep reading below to see a summary of each article we wrote. And, be sure to click the links to read the full article if you missed it.

January 2021 – How to find houses in Penticton in 2021.

To kick off 2021, we wrote all about how to find new real estate in Penticton. As things began to return to a new normal after the brunt of the pandemic, clients were itching to get into a new home. We looked at trends in the housing market, opportunities to be aware of when viewing real estate, and how to get your house ready to be listed. This article contains some great information about spring cleaning and decluttering as well. Be sure to check out The New Year Is For Discovering New Houses For Sale Penticton!

February 2021 – Questions you should ask your REALTOR®️


Before buying a home it is important to find a real estate agent who is able to answer your most important real estate questions. Knowing what to ask and having a reliable agent to answer those questions is extremely valuable. In February, we wrote all about this topic giving you examples of questions to ask and why you need to be asking them. Finding Homes For Sale Penticton BC For Spring 2021 has all the info you need!

March 2021 – Moving as a Senior!

houses for sale Penticton BC

Come March, we wrote about moving into a home in Penticton as a senior. There are so many advantages to living in Penticton as a senior. To illustrate, the sunny, warm weather, endless recreational activities, and relaxed community. In this article, you can find information about what building type to move into, the financial risks involved with moving at 65+, and what to look for in a property as a senior. Read Moving Into Houses For Sale Penticton As A Senior

April 2021 – What to look for in a REALTOR®️

Penticton Homes for Sale

A real estate agent is a key part of your success as a home buyer or home seller. A real estate agent provides you with a deeper understanding of the real estate market. Having a REALTOR® on your side can help you with legal paperwork, marketing, questions you may have, and making sure your needs are met. Click here to learn more about What To Look For In A REALTOR® When Buying Penticton Homes For Sale.

May 2021 – Mobile Homes in Penticton!

mobile homes for sale Penticton

A mobile home is a great option for those who want independence and privacy at a low cost. Mobile homes often provide people with better flexibility, privacy, and space. Many buyers who choose to go with a mobile home get more bang for their buck. Moreover, they allow buyers to move their homes from place to place. In recent years, people have been designing modern mobile homes that look great. For more information on the advantages of buying mobiles homes for sale in Penticton!

June 2021 – Relocating to Penticton.

homes in Penticton for sale

June’s article was all about relocating to Penticton from out of town. We gave a whole bunch of advice on getting accustomed to the city and how to make yourself feel at home. This article has lots of strategies to ensure you adjust to your new home. As well as, a few things to prepare before you decide to move. Read more about Relocating to homes for sale in Penticton.

July 2021 – How We Use Technology to Sell Your Home.

penticton homes for sale

Technology is one of the greatest tools that we can use in order to market your home for sale. We use a wide variety of social media applications to ensure your home is seen by every possible buyer. We also use a state-of-the-art website to ensure buyers can easily find us and your listing. Moreover, we use camera technology to photograph and video your property in ways that make your home stand out in a crowded market. Not only this, but technology also allows us to communicate with the seller and the buyer 24/7. Read the in-depth article on how we use technology to sell your home Penticton Homes For Sale How we use tech to sell.

August 2021 – Decorating Your New Home.

penticton houses for sale

Designing the interior of your new home can be tricky, to say the least. Deciding where furniture goes and how to create an aesthetically pleasing design is all very overwhelming. Hiring an interior designer isn’t always possible because of the high cost. This is why we dedicated August’s article to help you decorate your home in Penticton. Read Decorating houses for sale Penticton here!

September 2021 – It’s Voting Season!

houses for sale penticton

In September, we wrote about the federal election and how to cast your vote. Find out the basics of voting, 2021’s candidates, the political history in Penticton, and more in this comprehensive article. Read Houses in Penticton are encouraged to vote!

October 2021 – How to make your home feel like home?

houses for sale in penticton bc

Buying a house is easy. However, getting your new house to feel like home can be a little trickier. We wrote all about how to make your house feel like home this past October. From cooking a warm meal to spending a little extra on the bedroom, there are tons of solutions to ensure your house feels like a home in no time. Read What makes a house a home in Penticton!

November 2021 – How to make your home safe.

penticton homes for sale

Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to owning a home. There are lots of things that can be hiding in plain sight that may cause serious harm to you or your family. From fire hazards to mold, you never know what’s hiding behind the curtains – literally! To ensure you stay safe in your new home, be sure to read How safe is my home in Penticton!

We want to extend a warm thanks to all of our clients for helping us through another great year in real estate. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about a property in Penticton. We look forward to seeing you all next year for another 12 months of Penticton real estate content! Happy holidays everyone 🙂

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