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The New Year is for discovering new houses for sale Penticton!

With the new year underway, we know that everybody is itching to get back to some normality. Our team at Brooks Lancaster is hopeful that 2021 will bring new changes for anyone who’s searching for new beginnings.

We are committed to the success of finding a new home for you and your family in the new year. It is understandable that you may have become tired or have begun to associate negative feelings with your current residence since the pandemic began. Our team would like to ensure that you get the fresh start that you’ve been yearning for. A new home is a great way to do so; especially in the lovely city of Penticton, British Columbia. There are several opportunities to be had in this quaint Okanagan city. For kids, adults, and pets alike, Penticton has something for everyone.

Follow along as we note some of the trends, opportunities and take a look at how to prepare your home to be listed for sale, so that you can move to sunny Penticton!

houses for sale Penticton

Trends to spot when looking at houses for sale Penticton

This year is going to be one of hard work to regain what has been lost as we finally start to show signs of exiting the pandemic locally. It’s because of the tumultuous times that you can expect to see the cost of home ownership increase. This is due in part to the little amount of housing inventory for sale and high demand for the ones listed on the market. As a buyer this can be a bit frightening, but we will guide you through the process of finding a home that matches your price range. In addition, we will also ensure that we find you a home that fits your family’s needs.

On the contrary, this means as a seller you stand to make a large profit when you sell your home today. Due to the high demand of property, offers will flood your inbox and allow you to make the most off of your house. If you’ve recently considered listing your house for sale then this might be the ideal time due in part to the low inventory and high demand.

houses for sale Penticton

Opportunities to be aware of when looking for houses for sale Penticton

When you begin your quest in finding the best home to fit you and your family’s needs, it’s important to be aware of what opportunities are available within the city. For example, adults can enjoy the sunny summers of craft beer, renowned wine, and stunning scenery.

As for the kiddos there’s a wide range of athletics prevalent in the city. Additionally, they may enjoy a variety of clubs and extracurricular activities. Not to mention the great schools and daycare facilities.

If you happen to be the owner of one or many furry friends, there are numerous dog beaches and parks to give your companion the chance to stretch their legs.

Individual activities are great, but Penticton also offers many fun places for the whole family. This includes; sandy beaches, nearby skiing hills, farmers and crafters markets, and some truly awesome restaurants. There is no shortage of activities and opportunity young or old within this truly beautiful community.

How to prepare your home for listing in order to relocate to new houses for sale Penticton

A bit of attention to the walls of your home is a great way to entice buyers and accentuate the features inside of your property. As the Spring season approaches, you may see it necessary to get in line at the hardware store to pick up some supplies. Likely, your walls are looking a bit rough due to the unforeseen lockdown. That’s why a coat of paint and some putty can be of great value. It will also make your home smell new and clean.

Dusting the interior and removing anything personal is also a great way to heighten your chance of selling. Buyers are interested in buying the property for their family, so leaving out any personal detail is beneficial. The addition of some greenery or flowers can help brighten your home and add some colour. Flowers also provide a great distraction to keep away any potential odors.

houses for sale Penticton

Spring cleaning

The harsh winter may have left behind some unwanted grime on the exterior of your home. It is a good idea to take a perimeter walk and assess little things you can do to improve the aesthetic of your home’s outdoor walls.

Cleaning the gutter might be one of those tasks and makes a big difference to the overall appearance of your property. Pressure washing the siding is another way to clean up and impress buyers. Make the entrance to your front door inviting. This will make your residence look and feel more homey to other people. You can also add potted plants or a new welcome mat for an even more inviting feel.

We hope the new year provides everyone with opportunities so that we can all get back on track!

Contact me today to start fresh this year with a look at houses for sale Penticton!

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